Custom Bath Boats

Custom Bath Boats are perfect for any occasion or event. (Price: $70)

A customized bath boat is the perfect gift for a birth, wedding, retirement or to give to a friend anytime. I incorporate a little bit of personal information about the recipient that you send with your order.


A custom baby boat would include:
• the baby’s name, birthdate and place of birth, and the baby’s weight and length (if known).

A custom boat for a wedding present would include:
• the wedding date, the couple’s names and possibly an object from their lives or occupations.

With a few details like these, I will send a bath boat to you or directly to the recipient(s), along with a note letting them know who is responsible for such a thoughtful gift.

I am proud to say that this is a toy of integrity that is designed to give pleasure and enjoyment for a lifetime. In Minnesota, where we have been making and selling our boats for over 50 years now, many of our boats go to people who have bought or received a World’s Greatest Bath Boat before and want to give another or buy one for their children, relatives or friends. Our Testimonials page shares a few of our customers’ stories and experiences.
 Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom boat delivery.